16 Aralık 2015

10 Trends That Will Make Flying Better in 2016

Skift.com has found ten innovative trends that reveal a better future for the industry and are set to make air travel more pleasant for passengers in 2016 and beyond.

Here is the list with my comments on each trend;

1. Launch of A350 Aircraft and 787-9 Dreamliners – I definitely agree on this. I had a chance to experience 787 of Qatar Airways back in 2013 and looking forward to flying with the A350.
2. Rise of Biometric Kiosks and Passport Apps at Airports – E-Gates of Dubai and Abu Dhabi were my favorite time savers while I was living in the UAE. This trend has to be supported by all parties. There is one issue to tackle; visas.
3. Improved Onboard Wi-Fi and Streaming Entertainment – As a sit back-relax-enjoy type of pax, I rarely watch a movie. I like the time spent on board, which gives you a break to think about anything. Therefore, I don’t care an improved Wi-Fi.
4. Apple Watch and Apps – Again, as someone who doesn’t wear a watch, I am not fond of Apple Watch. Apps are a different story.
5. Bag Tracking Technology – A nice to have technology
6. The Rise of Premium Economy – My favorite one! I will be flying to the US soon and experience either LH or TK. Afterward, I am planning to write about this trend.
7. Expansion of CBP Pre-Clearance Program – Well, Istanbul New Airport will have too.
8. Beacons and Internet of Things – Don’t you think that we talk about beacons too much?
9. Mobile and Personalization – The key to many things.
10. Even Better In-flight Entertainment – Same as Improved Onboard Wi-Fi and Streaming Entertainment.

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