17 Ocak 2017

Limited Edition SELECTION VINTAGE 2014

No, it is not wine, it is coffee!

Nespresso has launched a new Limited Edition coffee called Selection Vintage 2014. It is not just another limited edition like Tanim de Chiapas - Mexico or Cafezinho - Brazil. It is not exotic or has a colourful capsule like others. It is all about the story behind it. Have a look at below video;

Nespresso Brand

OK, I am a Nespresso customer and I like both the product and brand. I even upcycle used capsules of mine and my friends to make decorative items; Capsules and Light. Categorically it falls under capsule art, another developing thing among fans, which is also under the radar of Nespresso. Check the website of Second Life Project by Nespresso or just google it.

Check out their Ecolaboration Program. A comprehensive one covering sustainability, social and environmental impacts of the business while improving the lives of coffee farmers and their communities. They do whatever has to be done.

I believe that Nespresso is a very successful brand which has created its own segment and loyal customers. An upscale coffee brand with chique boutiques, quality products, great marketing communication and, of course, ads with George Clooney who is its face since the brand launched. What else?

Treat it like wine - Complex taste with an elegant woodiness

It looks like Nespresso brings a new dimension to the world of coffee by launching Selection Vintage 2014. They treat coffee like wine and market it accordingly. I have not tasted it yet but the point is how you position it, not the taste or price, at least for now. This has a big potential and I wonder how it is going to develop.

Good luck Nespresso!

14 Ocak 2017

Vintage Maps Rekindle the Romance of Early Air Travel

Have a look at NG story about vintage maps of airlines in the early days of the 20th century and compare it with Martin Grandjean's below work to see how the industry has developed in terms of network. Today we have more than 3.000 airports and 60.000 routes. Don't you think that it is amazing?

Click here to read the full story of NG. If you like to buy the book Mapping the Airways, curated by Paul Jarvis visit Amberley Publishing website.

Have a nice flight!

03 Ocak 2017

Does the Airbus A380 have a future?

I had a few flights on board of Emirates A380s, both in Economy and Business. Yes, it is a huge aircraft but in terms of passenger comfort, there is nothing unusual except the bar for premium pax.

Have a look at the video news by Jeremy Howell of BBC;