22 Şubat 2010

Impressions of Istanbul by SunExpress

It is simply impossible for such a city not to impress artists and people. From literature to plastic arts, from music to stage performances, Istanbul has always been an inspiration to artists. SunExpress is among the lucky companies to have its great Istanbul experience. 

SunExpress is flying from Istanbul Sabiha Gökcen base since April 2008 and already charmed with this magnificent city. The “Paint Book” aircraft is a very special project, a way of contributing to the promotion of this city.

The unique livery design is a simple, uncomplicated yet quite diverse and strong visualization of Istanbul. The different images on the aircraft are the individual drawings of the Turkish and German artists after being asked their impressions of Istanbul.

Impressions of Istanbul by SunExpress” as we wrote on top of our aircraft, is a testament to Istanbul’s impact on plastic arts. Istanbul aircraft will be in Istanbul SAW on the 26th of February and serve domestic and European destinations for the next 5 years.