10 Ocak 2012

12 Crucial Consumer Trends for 2012

Here is the briefing of trendwatching.com about the 12 crucial consumer trends for 2012. I will share the list only, so the ones who like to read the briefing in full please click here...
  1. Red Carpet (... which I am also working on)
  2. DIY Health
  3. Dealer-Chic
  4. Eco-Cycology
  5. Cash-Less
  6. Bottom of the Urban Pyramid
  7. Idle Sourcing
  8. Flawsome
  9. Screen Culture
  10. Recommerce (...which I found very interesting)
  11. Emerging Maturialism
  12. Point & Know
I know that some of those trend names are a bit weird but worth to read... enjoy!

08 Ocak 2012

Wearing a slogan on your t-shirt is so passé

We were thinking about this years ago for networking with barcodes but the production of X amount of t-shirts with different codes was too costly. Some Londoners tried and did there ;) Now it is the era of QR codes and this can work!