28 Temmuz 2010

Can this work for Turkish Tourism?

Turkey, one of the hot -in both way- travel destinations for many Europeans. This year, due to economic situation in Euro Zone, more and more are coming to Antalya, Bodrum & Aegean Coast of Turkey as average cost of a holiday is less than a one in Spain or Greece. Also they spend Lira instead of Euro while shopping or tipping ;)

However, this may not continue... Euro Zone can stabilize itself and/or Turkey may finally join EU after decades :)

During the weekend I read an article about tourism and tour operators in Europe. Mr. Baraner suggested governments to take stake on those companies in order to secure a serious amount of tourists. In theory it sounds good. Think about it; Turkish Ministry of Tourism holds 20% stake in Öger , Neckermann or Kuoni and during their yearly planning meeting they are discussing their next year focus country... guess which country is going to be top of the list?! ;)

The other idea I liked very much is from Kiwis... other side of the world. Kiwi Expat Association has kicked-off a new way of promoting New Zealand. Viral, savvy, low cost, clever...
I wonder that can this work for Turkey as well? We have so many Turkish people in Europe and U.S. Why not? Check out Springwise to read full story; Viral Tourism site recruits expats to promote New Zealand