28 Temmuz 2010

Can this work for Turkish Tourism?

Turkey, one of the hot -in both way- travel destinations for many Europeans. This year, due to Euro Zone's economic situation, more and more are coming to Antalya, Bodrum & Aegean Coast of Turkey as the average cost of a holiday is less than a one in Spain or Greece. Also, they spend Lira instead of Euro while shopping or tipping ;)

However, this may not continue... Euro Zone can stabilize itself, and/or Turkey may finally join the EU after decades :)

During the weekend I read an article about tourism and tour operators in Europe. Mr. Baraner suggested governments take a stake in those companies in order to secure a serious amount of tourists. In theory, it sounds good. Think about it; Turkish Ministry of Tourism holds a 20% stake in Öger, Neckermann, or Kuoni, and during their yearly planning meeting, they are discussing their next year focus country... guess which country is going to be top of the list?! ;)

The other idea I liked very much is from Kiwis... another side of the world. Kiwi Expat Association has kicked-off a new way of promoting New Zealand. Viral, savvy, low cost, clever...

I wonder that may work for Turkey as well? We have so many Turkish people in Europe and the U.S. Why not? Check out Springwise to read the full story; Viral Tourism site recruits ex-pats to promote New Zealand