27 Nisan 2010


Have you ever re-branded a brand? Have you ever gone through this process?

I think a few of you may answer; yes! 
In an airline, you start with the aircraft as it is the king, but then you start thinking and working on maybe hundreds of items from the small salt package in the cabin to the new meal concept, from website to the in-flight entertainment system, from uniforms to logo itself... This is what is going on now at SunExpress... a German branding agency, a German communication & corporate design agency, a local Turkish creative agency, two media planning agencies, a Turkish PR agency, a German interactive agency, and an e-commerce consultant are working with us to make it possible, to make a dream true.
Personally, I am so excited to be a part of it and one of the key figures. I have launched the SWISS brand in Turkey before, but that was the local implementation of a global concept by Winkreative of Tyler Brûlé. 

This is completely different! Hope you will like it... as of 01 May 2010 ;)