23 Eylül 2009

Ideas from Springwise.Com

One of the world’s leading source of new business ideas, powered by a network of 8000+ spotters, Springwise .com is an address that I regularly visit and look for ideas that I can feed myself and understand how the other think and create. Try it... it is enjoyable! 
As I am currently working for SunExpress, I check the Tourism & Travel section with a different perspective. 2008’s top 10 Travel & Tourism ideas were announced on 24 December 2008. However, only a few of them were impressed me. This year, I think there are some more bright ideas in this section.

Here are the ones which I liked so far; 
and my favorite one so far is; 
- Hand Sketched Maps featuring drawing and local advice. A la Carte Maps are designed to combine guidebook, tourist map, and original art in one which presents an array of each city’s best-kept insider tips on a beautiful, 70-by-42-cm, hand-drawn map. This is perfectly fitting to my travel blog Yol Gidenindir!’s approach. 
When we look at marketing overall, I have two to share; - As many of you heard about it, “The Best Job in the World” is a success. - Concept Feedback is an interesting tool to get early feedback from the community about your upcoming campaign, website, or any communication. Let’s keep spotting!… and review in December 2009.