28 November 2012

10 Crucial Consumer Trends for 2013

Trendwatching.com, which is an independent and opinionated trend firm, scanning the globe for the most promising consumer trends, insights and related hands-on business ideas, and their website is one of my favorites to get updates and obviously follow the trends. I also like how they name the trends!

They have just released the 10 crucial consumer trends (in random order) for you to run with in the next 12 months. Onwards and upwards... I marked my picks in red.

How will YOU deliver on consumer expectations in the next 12 months?
  1. Presumers & Custowners
  2. Emerging2
  3. Mobile Moments
  4. New Life Inside
  5. Appscriptions
  6. Celebration Nation
  7. Data Mayning
  8. Again Made Here
  9. Full Frontal
  10. Demabding Brands
Please click here to read the full briefing...

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