02 Mayıs 2010

Brand new SunExpress is ready for you!

New aircraft, nice surprises, same old value prices... 

It is on air... after 3 years of long studies and a year-long rebranding process, we launched the new SunExpress yesterday, in Antalya, with the participation of more than 3.000 people. The event's crescendo was the arrival of the 22nd aircraft, a B737-800 NG, which is a direct purchase from Boeing. For the question "What's new at SunExpress?" the answer is here; http://www.sunexpress.com/xq-tr/en/flight-info/the-new-sunexpress.jsp

It will take almost a year to paint the fleet and change every brand item, but renewed services and concepts will be on the air as of May 2010. I hope you will experience it soon and enjoy!

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