14 Ocak 2010

Top 10 Business Ideas for 2010

According to Springwise, below smart ideas covered in 2009 will provide entrepreneurs with plenty of opportunities in 2010. 

2, 8, and 9 are my favorites on this list. For a full review of each idea, please follow this link;  TOP10.

What are your favorites? 

1. Small-scale food production using membership models 
2. Low impact advertising
3. Health tracking devices
4. Sample stores, cafes & vending machines
5. Discreet rooftop solar panels and wind turbines
6. Rotating retail at airports and in malls
7. Remote farming for consumers
8. Connecting creative consumers with local fabricators
9. Paying consumers to promote products they use and love
10. Single-use toilet bag turns human waste into fertilizer 

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