19 January 2009

Kingfisher & Vijay Mallya

Vijay Mallya, from my point of view, is the Richard Branson of India, yet he is not holding sir title. He has an airline, Kingfisher Airlines which is ranked as 5 star by Skytrax (like Virgin Atlantic), he has Kingfisher Beer (no website as ad of alcholic beverages are not allowed in India) which is the market leader in India, some pharma companies and he also has a F1 team (Force India) and so on so on...

I like his way of promoting his products. His brand use almost every medium (check picture) including online medium. Their online marketing tools are various. Just for this, Kingfisher has a website named Kingfisher World. However, it is a shame for me but recently I have discovered another online marketing tool of Kingfisher! It has also a calendar, like the famous Pirelli one in Europe ;)

For the ones who is interested; http://www.kingfishercalendar.com/2009/
Or get your own Swimsuit Special widget here.

As they say; Share the Good Times...

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