20 January 2009

Burger King - Whopper Sacrifice

Whether it has been shut down by Facebook, as written at http://www.whoppersacrifice.com/, I think this was one of the best ideas of online marketing. In fact it was a campagin which combines digital medium with off-line environment and I believe it has reached it's target. Whether you name it as digital marketing or online marketing, it works!

It was not applicable in all countires due to certain reasons I believe but it was successful. Offer was simple; would you sacrifice 10 friends (from your Facebook friends) to have a free Whopper? Check out it's Facebook application for comments. Some people are happy with their free whopper and some are disappointed because of it is disabled. One user wrote "Great idea from the Burger King marketing department. Shame on Facebook for disabling it"
So why such an idea, which use digital medium and does online marketing in a different way, has been disabled? There are various non-sense applications at Facebook which deserves to be disabled but not this!

Response of Burger King is coming through http://www.angry-gram.com/index.php. This is also cool! Anyway, congratulations to Burger King and shame on Facebook...

... but what if this is also a setup? :)

P.S. Check also BG's http://www.whopperfreakout.com/index.html site for an interesting survey about Whopper ;)

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